2019 Annual General Meeting - Sunday Nov 17th

Summary Highlights from the Meeting

  1. We have a healthy cash surplus but had all planned expenditure been spent we would have broken even for 2019.
  2. To improve certain administrative tasks (especially referee assignment) the executive may pay for this work (given we have a cash surplus this should not affect member fees). There was a strong view that improvements to referee standards and attendance was desirable.
  3. Replacement players may be used in playoffs for teams with 12 or less players present but must be no higher than the grade of player being replaced.
  4. The over 55 division has been changed to an over 60 division with grandfathering for existing over 55 players and exceptions granted with unanimous approval of over 60 conveners.
  5. Executive Positions
    • Ron van Riel has been elected President
    • Peter Barrett becomes Past President
    • Marino Casciani remains VP/Registrar and Communications Coordinator
    • Treasurer position is OPEN
    • Kendall Dunford remains Club Secretary
    • Phil Prata has been elected Match Secretary
    • Social Convener position is OPEN
    • Ronnie Stevenson has been elected Discipline Chair
    • Referee Coordinator position is OPEN
    • Frank Mascitelli has been reappointed Equipment Manager
    • Tony Allen has been reappointed Spare Board Coordinator
    • Sponsorship Chairman, Tournament Coordinator and Masters Convener positions have been made non-voting. Peter Whittle will continue to procure Sponsorship for us.
    • Over 45 Conveners from last year have all been re-elected: Peter Gray, Peter Holland, Rob Lloyd, Frank Mills, Simon Tinker and Marty Wilson
    • Over 60 Conveners are now: Alex Boyd, Frank Mascitelli, Brian McLaughlin, Randy Nelson and Phil Prata with 1 position OPEN
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